Psychiatric Services

Cornerstone offers the unique opportunity of consulting with psychiatrists with specialty interests in the areas of adult as well as child and adolescent treatment. Medications are selected based on an awareness of the rapidly changing field of psychopharmacology and the growing awareness that each individual has a unique biological makeup that is more or less responsive to different classes of medications and medications within the respective class being used. Ongoing monitoring of an individual’s response to his or her medication(s) provides for early recognition of favorable or unfavorable responses to medications so that changes, dosage adjustments, or education interventions can be initiated quickly and efficiently to achieve the desired therapeutic effect in a way the minimizes consumer discomfort and maximizes helpful results.

Each consumer has a thorough initial psychiatric screening, diagnosis, and programmatic intervention strategy with emphasis on consumer input to ensure understanding, participation, and flexibility in treating the specific needs of the individual. Moreover, each consumer is informed of the strengths, limitations, and purpose of the prescribed medication, what to expect, when to expect it, and how to recognize whether or not positive treatment effects are occurring. Both of our psychiatrists endorse an approach to treatment that includes the belief that any intervention effort is more likely to be effective when consumer and doctor have a working relationship and share in the responsibility for achieving a treatment success.

Psychiatric Assessment

Each individual having potential medication needs receives a careful initial screening by one of our staff psychiatrists. This includes obtaining a working knowledge of the consumer’s family of origin, unique developmental history, specific symptoms, current situational status, and current medical status. A diagnosis is made that takes into account the problematic difficulty that is the focus of attention or treatment. If a medication is prescribed, careful attention is given to ensuring that medications do not interact adversely with other medications the consumer may be required to take for other medical conditions or with previously identified medical problems.

Each psychiatrist is trained to address issues related to workers’ compensation, disability claims, and/or medical leaves of absence to promote the most favorable outcome for treatment interventions. Follow-up medication monitoring is provided by the same doctor as needed to ensure early recognition of factors indicating a need for medication change, dosage adjustment, and/or consultation with other medical or psychological specialists. The goal of psychiatric assessment to identify the specific needs of the patient, diagnose the problem, and approach treatment of the problem in the most efficient, targeted, and safest manner possible. This approach also emphasizes that no problem is too small or too great to be identified, discussed, and addressed psychiatrically if it contributes to problems for the consumer. For more information and a means of confronting and dealing with issues that may seem overwhelming, confusing, or beyond one’s present means of control, please call and schedule an appointment that may be the first step toward changing things for the better.

Medication Management

Cornerstone Behavioral Health Services provides ongoing medication management for all service recipients utilizing the most current standards of practice in the field of psychiatry. To accomplish this objective Cornerstone has two consulting psychiatrists that have a stable and ongoing relationship with the organization. We feel this is important for two reasons: 1) consumers are provided with one psychiatrist who has the opportunity to develop a relationship with the consumer that provides for continuity of care, ongoing education about the medication the individual is taking, and a mutual collaboration between physician and consumer to determine the best possible medication for treating the changing needs of each unique individual; and, 2) the field of psychopharmacology is undergoing numerous changes with newer more specific and effective medications with fewer side effects emerging on a constant basis; as such, we have two psychiatrists who specialize in different areas.

One psychiatrist focuses on staying current with psychopharmacological developments in the area of treating adults; the second focuses on staying current with psychopharmacological developments in the area of treating children and adolescents. Each consumer is encouraged to ask his or her psychiatrist about the newest developments in the field and what medications have or will emerge in the near future addressing their treatment needs. For more information about these issues, please feel free to give us a call or call and schedule an appointment.