Psychological Services

Cornerstone Behavioral Health Services offers a full range of outpatient psychological services utilizing only professionals trained at the doctoral level with specialty training in areas addressing a wide variety of problems consumers may have. These services include psychological evaluations for people of all ages and counseling for individuals, families, couples, and groups, as well as for children, adolescents, and adults with or without substance abuse problems. In house psychiatric consultants specializing in the treatment of adults, children, and adolescents are available for medication needs and ongoing medication management. Our agency has gone to great lengths to recruit highly trained psychologists from different areas of the United States who are sensitive to the special needs of individuals living in rural settings.

We recognize that among the other concerns consumers may have, confidentiality ranks at the top of the list. Our goal has been to recruit professional psychologists sensitive to the issue of confidentiality and of the caliber necessary to ensure that individuals in rural settings do not have to travel beyond Uinta County borders to obtain the high quality services they need and desire. We have worked to establish links with the medical community in such a manner as to promote efficient and confidential referrals for treatment of problems in living that are unresponsive to a solely medical intervention. For more information regarding the nature and types of services available, please feel free to click the other areas of our web page or give us a call at the number provided.

Adult Therapy

Cornerstone offers a wide range of services to adults in need of psychological services. After one of Cornerstone’s staff psychologists conducts a thorough interview to learn about an individual’s family of origin, unique developmental history, specific symptoms, and current life situation, the psychologist and consumer decide together which of Cornerstone’s options for adult therapy might be most useful to meet the consumer’s unique needs. If those needs tend to focus on one’s internal experiences or feelings in response to difficult life situations, individual psychotherapy can be provided. If difficulties tend to be more interpersonally based and centered in the marital relationship, marital therapy can be provided. If marital difficulties have led to the decision to separate and the couple does not wish to engage in an adversarial process to end their relationship, divorce mediation services can be provided. Each of these specific forms of treatment is addressed in another option on this web page. Please feel free to visit the options that describe each of these services before calling Cornerstone to begin making positive changes in your life.

Family Therapy

Employee Assistance

Martial Therapy

Communication can be frustrating at times, especially when it seems useless, and especially when it is with the person you love. Communicating as a couple, married or not, is a difficult business in today’s fast paced society. As demands increase on each member of a couple, communication tends to break down. In fact, here in Uinta County 53% of all marriages end in divorce. That’s slightly greater than one out of every two marriages. Couples, Marital or Pre-Marital Counseling and/or Therapy, as this kind of treatment has several different names, can help put the communication you have with your loved one back on track. Many times communication fails between lovers as the couple matures, as growth takes place. This is often due to the fact that emotionally people don’t grow at the same rate or in the same direction. But, this isn’t necessarily bad, it’s a matter or learning how to communicate about how each member is growing that becomes important – understanding and accepting each other as you grow. The key many times, is that both members of the couple must “want” the relationship to succeed and be willing to grow. Couples therapy can help get this process back on track when both members are involved in the life of the relationship, and help each member feel understood and appreciate the other’s point of view. If you are experiencing these difficulties, or have further questions, feel free to call one of our doctors so that we may be able to assist the communication in your relationship to become more vital and fulfilling.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Forensic Evaluations

Cornerstone offers a range of options for consumers needing different types of psychological/psychiatric assessments for the court. These options include competency assessments in a number of areas. In addition, our agency has professionals trained to aid in disability evaluations and claims. These assessments include a comprehensive psychological evaluation with intellectual, personality, behavioral characteristics, and adaptive behavior skills relevant for meeting state statutory guidelines for competency to stand trial, Medicaid waiver funding for the Division of Developmental Disabilities, and disability claims. When relevant, formal diagnoses utilizing criteria set forth by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders–Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) are provided as well as documented justification for the diagnosis given. Moreover, we have two consulting psychiatrists in addition to doctoral level licensed psychologists available for Social Security Disability evaluations. Additional consultation services are available for facilitating jury selection by attorneys and psychological evaluations for applicants seeking employment opportunities with police departments, the Highway Patrol, and/or Sheriffs’ Departments. For additional information regarding how forensic evaluations may be helpful in your case, please call our agency.

Individual Therapy

Cornerstone Behavioral Health Services offers consumers the opportunity to engage in individual therapy services with doctoral level psychologists. Individual Therapy is a form of psychological treatment provided by one therapist to one consumer, in contrast with group therapies in which eight or ten individuals meet with one or two therapists at a time to receive treatment. In Individual Therapy, the therapist and consumer focus on whatever difficulties led the consumer to pursue treatment. These difficulties might include, but are certainly not limited to, depression, anxiety, sexual malfunction, eating disorders, marital difficulties, difficulty coping with life stress, trouble controlling anger, or general dissatisfaction in one or more aspects of life. Ultimately, any situation that causes an individual distress and/or interferes with the ability to perform optimally in one’s life (e.g., family relationships, work, school, etc) can be treated in individual therapy.

Through discussion of one’s specific difficulties with a therapist, an individual is able to develop a better understanding of the factors influencing his or her difficulties, and consequently, to discover the freedom necessary to make choices that will dispose of difficulties. Often, by investing time in addressing specific problems in individual therapy and by investing time to learn ways to understand oneself outside of the therapy, improvements extend to other aspects of life and can be far-reaching by touching parts of one’s life that were not specifically addressed in therapy. It is critical that an individual choose a therapist who has the training and experience necessary to treat one’s specific problem. The staff members at Cornerstone were assembled based on their diversity of interests to address a variety of problems in everyday living, and a phone call to Cornerstone could connect you with someone specifically trained in helping you to work through whatever personal difficulties you might be facing.

Social Security Disability Evaluations

The psychologists and psychiatrists at Cornerstone Behavioral Health conduct Social Security Disability Evaluations for Wyoming residents who seek to qualify for Social Security Disability income. Each evaluation includes a social and medical history, a comprehensive mental status exam, and a history and prognosis of illness. As per the guidelines provided by the Social Security Disability Determination Services of Wyoming, an individual’s ability to perform in a routine work setting and to manage funds are also assessed. For some evaluations, cognitive or personality testing is also completed to answer specific questions about cognitive or personality functioning. A copy of the evaluation is sent to the Social Security Disability Determination Services office in Cheyenne where the ultimate decision is made regarding whether the individual meets the criteria for a disability that qualifies him or her to receive Social Security Disability income.