Substance Abuse Evaluations

Substance Abuse Evaluations (clinical interview plus testing, including ASI) are designated for new clients or clients without a current evaluation. A current evaluation may be one that has been completed within the past six months to one year, as long as the evaluation is a valid indicator of the client’s current level of functioning. A substance abuse evaluation is conducted to determine whether an individual has a problematic pattern of substance use that could benefit from treatment.

Adolescent and adult evaluations are conducted at Cornerstone Behavioral Health, 195 Feather Way, Suite 1, Evanston, Wyoming. Information collected during the clinical interview includes: Demographics, mental health history, medical history, social history, substance abuse history, legal history, occupational history, mental status, risk assessment, etc. In the case of the diagnoses of Substance Dependence or Abuse, per DSM-IV, treatment options include: Detoxification, residential/inpatient, intensive outpatient, outpatient or transitional services. When the evaluation indicates a sub-critical substance use problem that would be better served with a preventative treatment focus, modalities such as MIP or DUI School may be recommended. While Cornerstone does not provide services for all levels of care, clients are informed of treatment recommendations and of services available both at our agency and other agencies.

The cost of the substance abuse evaluation is $180. To schedule an evaluation a deposit of $90 is required as well as a copy of all legal documents, if applicable. If the client fails to attend the scheduled appointment, does not complete required paperwork, or fails to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours before the appointment time, the $90 deposit will be forfeited. The remaining $90 is due at the time of the evaluation. Evaluations are appropriate for all referral sources. The evaluation process takes approximately three hours. A final report will be available within ten (10) working days.