Substance Abuse

The Epidemic of Substance Abuse

Did you know?

Each day in America:

  • 7,970 adolescents drink alcohol for the first time
  • 4,348 try illicit drugs for the first time
  • 4,082 smoke cigarettes for the first time

Once introduced to these substances, these youth will possibly join hundreds of thousands of adolescents who use substances on a daily basis. The societal problems associated with such abuse drain our system of financial resources as well as diminish our workforce and Americans ability to compete in a global economy.


What is being done?

  • Implementation of a Smoke-free ordinance for enclosed areas in Evanston
  • Efforts by the UCCAM in purchasing breathalyzers for use by the Evanston Police Department and school resource officers.
  • Implementation of a drug-testing policy by Evanston High School for extra-curricular activities. Mountain View High School has previously implemented a similar program.

What can be done?

  • Raising Alcohol Taxes and the price of alcohol will lead to a decrease in consumption
  • Passing Social Host Laws will hold noncommercial servers of alcohol (such as homeowners or parents) liable in the event that they provide alcohol to a minor or an obviously inebriated individual who later becomes involved in an accident that causes injury to a third party
  • Increasing the number of Compliance Checks will deter alcohol outlets from selling alcohol to underage customers and discourage youth from attempting to purchase alcohol.

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